Happy New Year from the Morbitorium

Just over a year ago I bought a few sheep skulls and started the Morbitorium. Who’d have guessed that I’d now be buying formaldehyde in bulk and sending dead things and weird occult items all over the world.


I’d like to give a huge thank you to…

  • My family (2 vegans and 1 vegetarian) for their support and understanding. They might not always like what I do but leave me to get on with it on the assumption that I know what I’m doing. The fools.
  • My friends, for sharing the page, spreading the word and storing dead animals in their freezers for me until I can collect them.
  • My fellow traders who gave encouragement and support when I was finding my feet. Special mentions to Wayne & Rebecca who organise the excellent SCARdiff event,
  • Justin & Christina from Alley Cat Ink and Barbara from Barbara Boo. All local independent business owners who took a chance on stocking some of my less-weird stuff in their shops.
  • My customers. Without you I’d just have a room full of odd smelling, bubbling jars.

I’m looking forward to a morbid 2015 and I hope you’ll join me.

Thank you all once again,

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