Foetal Quail in Formaldehyde

We have recently added a new item to the Etsy shop and they are already selling well… wet specimen quail.

A small glass specimen jar containing a foetal quail preserved in a formaldehyde solution. The jar is approximately 5 cm tall by 4.5 cm wide, sealed with wax and has an individually aged, hand written specimen label attached.


Formaldehyde is used to stop the specimen from degrading and it is then usually transferred into isopropyl alcohol for long term display. However, alcohol has a tendency to leech the colour out of the specimen quicker than formaldehyde would so we opt to continue to use formaldehyde as a storage/display medium.

Our animals are ethically sourced and nothing was killed specifically for this product. Animals used for wet specimens are either discards from the feeder/pet food industry or naturally deceased.

Click here to view this item on our Etsy store.

Etsy reviews


I am super happy with my purchases! They came in the post so quickly and look so cool in the flesh! This little quail is amazing, I am so happy to add it to my collection. Thank you very much
Dec 16, 2015

5 star review

Beautiful, really great specimen
Jadey Ann
Jul 12, 2015

5 star review

Another brilliant wet specimen! I will continue to be a loyal customer to the Morbitorium. All the products are a fantastic price, quick dispatch and great seller communication. Oh, and I love my foetal quail ❤
Monica Hutson
May 12, 2015

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