Donation to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

A big thank you to everyone who has bought from the Morbitorium but specifically over the period 11th to 24th August.

This 13 day period marked the time that Sophie Lancaster was hospitalised in a coma after a vicious attack on her and her boyfriend whilst walking home one evening. Their only crime? Being part of an “alternative” culture.

After Sophie’s death, her family set up the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1129689) and rather than try and rehash the information held there I urge you to go and visit their website

A total of 6 items sold (3 Ouija boards, 2 sets of occult books and a Zombie Hunting Permit) which resulted in a £11.64 donation. I doubled it and then rounded up to £25. Not a huge amount but every little helps and hopefully we’ll be able to donate more next year as I’ll be able to spend a bit more time promoting beforehand.

If you’d like to send your own donation or get involved in campaigning please visit

Donation 2015

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