Deer antler keyrings (£7)

Deer antler keyrings

Made with hand-picked, naturally shed (cruelty free), genuine antler tips and a Tibetan silver deer charm. Complete with a split-ring keyring and a spring loaded belt clip for increased security and convenience.

Hand made in the South Wales valleys.

CRUELTY FREE: Deer shed their antlers every year and the shed antlers are collected and re-purposed. No animal has been harmed for this item.

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Etsy reviews for this item

5 star review
5 star review

Just bought this for a friend’s birthday. It arrived really quickly so very pleased about that! It is really well made, and looks very sturdy, so I have faith in it not breaking like some keyrings may do. Came with a nice cover letter and some leaflets that’ll come in handy, I’ll probably end up buying some curiosities for myself to add to my collection! Very pleased, would definitely recommend, going to look at other items in the shop now! xxx
Oct 29, 2015

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