Personal Advice on Scrying

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Scrying is a great, very cheap (or free) method of divination; but also one that can be extremely frustrating to get down. So here’s my personal tips on how I make scrying a little bit easier. These aren’t necessary by any means, and it’s literally just my method. Don’t feel like if you don’t follow what I do that you’re doing it wrong. This also isn’t a fail-proof method. Scrying is hard! Honestly, I fail to see anything more than I succeed.

Step One: Prepare your Scrying Material

While free methods of scrying include water gazing and fire gazing, fire gazing can seriously hurt your eyes and water isn’t always accessible to everyone (nor does it necessarily jive with everyone). I started out fire gazing but after switching to a crystal ball had much better success because I connected with the crystal and therefore the element of earth better. It…

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