Zombie jerky

Our intrepid gourmet adventurers hunt down the tastiest looking zombies, dispatch them with a blow to the head and then flay the skin to make this tasty treat.

Marinated strips of fresh zombie beef in herbs and spices which have been naturally air dried.

Available in 5 different flavours…

  • Plain:
    Salt & pepper is all that’s added to this variety
  • Smokey Bacon:
    Bacon is used instead of beef for this variety
  • Tennessee Whisky:
    Made with a famous brand of whisky that shall go unnamed because they are very litigious
  • English Mustard:
    A mild jerky with a lovely mustardy flavour
  • Hellfire:
    Made with Trinidad Scorpion chillies. This is the hottest jerky that we do.

See our full range of jerky on our Etsy store

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