Bristol Horror Con 2016

We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be back at this years Bristol Horror Con with even more weird stuff for sale. This years event is being held at the Future Inns Hotel on October 15th which makes it the ideal time to stock up on those last minute Halloween essentials.

There’s not much confirmed information yet (not surprising really seeing as it’s still 10 months away) but keep your eyes peeled and your browser pointed at to see who else will be trading and what authors & actors etc will be appearing.  Why not make life easier and click ‘like’ on their Facebook page? You’ll receive regular updates mixed in amongst your usual timeline of cat pictures and photos of your friends dinner.

Last years inaugural event (organised by the multi-talented Tommy Creep) was excellent and had cosplay competitions, film screenings and loads more. I have to confess, I didn’t see as much as I would have liked due to being so busy on the stall but that’s not really any reason to complain. I’m going to try my best and have a wander around this year.

See you there…

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