Hellraiser puzzle box stickers

The only reward you got for completing the Rubik Cube was six neat, uniformly coloured sides but this is one puzzle that you may not want to solve…

Once you have solved the Lament Configuration you open a bridge between dimensions* through which beings may travel in either direction. Be warned that the creatures that move across this schism are demonic and may cause you endless pain and suffering.

These sticker sheets won’t cause you any suffering at all and can be used to decorate your own Rubik cube as the Hellraiser puzzle box. By supplying just the stickers, we can keep postage costs down and you can make your own cube selection.

  • Decorated with puzzle box designs inspired by the Clive Barker Hellraiser films
  • High quality images printed on gold foil metallic stickers
  • Each side is supplied as a complete square
  • Each sticker side measures 5.5cm (2.25 inches)
  • Fit perfectly onto a standard sized Rubik cube
  • Available in “Rubik” format (with gridlines) or “Plain” (no gridlines)
  • Save money when ordering a full set of 6 stickers
  • Please note that this listing is for the stickers ONLY, not an actual Rubik cube

* Dimensional bridge has been disabled on this model

Click here to view the listing on our Etsy store

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