The 2016 Sophie Lancaster fundraiser total…

Last year was the first time that we had raised money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and let’s just say that the amount we raised was ‘modest’.  However, I am very pleased to announce that this years donation is considerably larger.

First, a bit of background… Sophie and her boyfriend Rob were walking home on the evening of August 11th 2007 when they were attacked by a large gang of teenagers. The head injuries that Sophie received caused her to slip into a coma from which she never recovered, and she sadly died 13 days later. Their only crime? Being part of an “alternative” culture. After Sophie’s death, her family set up the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1129689) and rather than try and rehash the information held there I urge you to go and visit their website.

Every Morbitorium Etsy store purchase made during the month of August counted towards the fundraiser and 20% of the item price went into the donation tin. I also promised that if we hit £100 that I would double the donation.

It got incredibly close and we were only a frustrating £1.13 away from the target for most of the final day but at the last minute, Gwen Byrom made a Night Vale related purchase and pushed the total over 🙂  Result!!

A total of £100.67 was raised which I then doubled to £201.34

2016 donation

Thank you so much to all Morbitorium customers past, present and future.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the things that people bought… Bookmarks, Cosplay ID cards, Krampus cards, Shower curtains, Jewellery, Hellraiser Rubik cube stickers, Taxidermy classes, Mummified bats, Titanic memorabilia, Pendulum boards, Wet specimens, Occult books, Absinthe marzipan, Coffin nails, Badges and more.

If you’d like to send your own donation or get involved in campaigning please visit the foundations website

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