Cthulhu / H.P. Lovecraft bookmarks

The Necronomicon is a pretty lengthy read and I don’t know anyone who has managed to get through the entire thing in one sitting. So what do you use to keep your place? An old envelope, a receipt, bus ticket?

How about one of our range of Lovecraft and Cthulhu inspired bookmarks?

Up from the deep

No-one is safe on the oceans when Cthulhu is around and these unsuspecting sailors will soon learn the power of the elder gods once their ship has been splintered and smashed to pieces. Click here to view on Etsy.

Miskatonic University Library

Perfect for the more serious Lovecraft books in your collection. The sort of thing you’d find tucked between the pages of the Reference section. Shows important information such as opening times etc. Click here to view on Etsy.

Comic-book style

This bookmark features a comic-book style wraparound rendering of Cthulhu’s head and tentacles with the famous couplet “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die“. The dark green decorative tassel fixed to the top of each bookmark ensures that you quickly find the right page in the Necronomicon to summon the elder gods. A must for any H.P. Lovecraft fan. Click here to view on Etsy.

All our bookmarks are made to the following specifications…

  • Double-sided bookmark (same image on both sides)
  • Approximately 6 inches long by 2 inches wide (15cm by 5cm)
  • Printed with high quality images onto 160gsm card-stock
  • Laminated to ensure it keeps going, book after book
  • Decorative tassel fixed to the top of the bookmark
  • Handmade in the South Wales valleys

We have other Cthulhu / Lovecraft items in our Etsy store too

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