The “Luigi” board

These Mario themed Ouija boards are slightly imperfect so we’re selling them cheap!.

Welcome to the Laboratory! This is where you can find some of the more experimental stuff that we make at the Morbitorium. Sometimes, things go wrong or get damaged and that’s why we’re selling them at bargain prices. We make it very clear in the descriptions and photographs where the item is less than perfect and we cannot accept returns once a product has left the lab.

Despite being made with a quality Russian Birch wooden base, these handmade Ouija boards have warped ever so slightly and I wouldn’t feel right selling them at full price. The slight warp does not affect the usage of the board.

“It’s a-me, Luigi! I’m a-here to tell you that death is not a-“game over” and that you can a-still a-speak with Mario, Bowzer and Yoshi even after they have a-used the last of their lives”

Since starting the Morbitorium I’ve been surprised at the number of people who think that Ouija boards are actually called “Luigi” boards. Rather than destroy their world view I decided to go with it and have made this… the LUIGI BOARD – the ultimate 8-bit spirit-channelling device.

  • Ouija boards are approximately 40cm wide x 30cm tall thick (A4 sized)
  • 3mm or 6mm thicknesses available
  • Aged with “English Oak” wood-stain
  • High-quality laser-printed surface featuring a unique Mario and Luigi style design
  • Protected with a hard wearing varnish


PLEASE NOTE: These boards do *not* come supplied with planchettes. Please see our other listings for the various style planchettes we can provide





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