This is the permanent collection housed at the Morbitorium.

These items are generally not for sale (unless specified otherwise) but if you *really* want something, get in touch or make me an offer and we’ll see what we can do.

Medical curiosities - The "medical" section of the Morbitorium collection. Vintage glass eyes, poison bottles, breast pump, syringes, microscope (and case of biopsy… Read more Medical curiosities
Preserved heart - A preserved heart in a jar of formaldehyde. This was the table centerpiece for the “Stuff Valentine’s” Taxidermy Workshop
Cow Skull and Jawbones - Above is the finished skull after a few months of cold water maceration Below, the skull when it arrived. Bits… Read more Cow Skull and Jawbones
Ouija Board - This was the very first Ouija board that I made. Although it holds sentimental value it doesn’t begin to compare to… Read more Ouija Board
Monkey Paw (Replica) - A replica of the “make a wish” monkey paw
Tortoise Foot - A naturally dried tortoise foot
Sheep skulls (with jawbones) - These were the skulls that started off the Morbitorium collection. I got them to form part of my Halloween costume.