Event booking

Thank you for your interest in having the Morbitorium attend your event.

We have previously traded at large music festivals, bushcraft shows, historical re-enactment events, horror conventions and real ale festivals, as well as running an online store where we supply to customers worldwide.

The Morbitorium is styled on a Victorian “Cabinet of Curiosities” and we attend in full period costume for the duration of the event.


Wilderness Gathering 2014

We can provide talks, demonstrations and workshops on a variety of different topics which hopefully will appeal to you and your customers.

• Skinning & tanning

Removing then preserving the hide of an animal

• Taxidermy

Skinning an animal, preserving the hide, creating a form, posing your finished piece)

• Butchery

In partnership with Cowleys Fine Food

To get a better feel for the demonstrations please take a look at this video which was filmed at the Wilderness Gathering 2014 event… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdgtIjPp2Xk


In addition to the demos, we also have a stall providing a variety of items ranging from taxidermy, jewellery, occult/gothic, bushcraft items, beard-oils & male grooming products, new-age, steampunk and novelties.

Stall photo
Photo by Carly Turner Photography

Prices can range from £1 to upwards of £50 for taxidermy pieces and lesson vouchers


Please contact me at dave@morbitorium.co.uk if you would like more information or to book us for your event

Additional photos

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