Are you stuck for a suitable gift for a friend who’s “a little odd”? Want a present that will be remembered forever? What about the person who “has everything”? (I bet they don’t have a preserved mouse in a jar). You may just find the perfect gift in our Etsy store.

If there is something particular you are looking please get in touch, we are happy to discuss your requirements and take on commission work. We hope we have something to suit your tastes… from the mildly unusual to the totally bizarre, you’ll find nothing normal here.

Shop_EdiblesJerky, marzipan and other tasty treats.

Shop_GroomingSoap, beard oil and moustache wax.

Shop_HomewaresPictures, framed displays and more.

Shop_JewelleryNecklaces, earrings and rings etc.

Shop_SkullsAntlers, skulls and bones.

shop_miscellaneousAll the things we couldn’t find another home for.

shop_WetSpecimensThings preserved in jars.

Shop_TaxidermyStuffed and mummified animals, entomology and more.

Shop_TVMoviesAnything related to books, movies or TV shows.

Shop_OccultIf you’re into witchcraft, divination, paganism, Wicca, etc this is the section for you.

Shop_LaboratoryWe come up with lots of experimental things and one-offs, then sell them at a reduced rate in the laboratory.

Shop_MapClick the map to see where we have sent our products so far.