Now your home can be as stylish as you are… Home décor accessories to add some quirky, gothic charm to your living space.

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Framed autopsy bone saw / Medical oddity - A genuine, medical bone saw mounted on black felt in a plain wood & glass shadowbox frame. The frame has… Read more Framed autopsy bone saw / Medical oddity
Gothic dreamcatcher - “Sleep, those little slices of death. How I loathe them”. Edgar Allan Poe was spot on with that one. How… Read more Gothic dreamcatcher
Framed baroque crow skulls - These adult crow skulls look absolutely stunning when mounted against the black felt background of these frames. The moulded, silver… Read more Framed baroque crow skulls
Replica framed Titanic ticket - This framed reproduction of a third class (steerage) Titanic passenger ticket can be personalised with your own name at no… Read more Replica framed Titanic ticket
One of a kind notebooks - These beautiful notebooks have a textured cover and features a variety of designs. Please note however, that each design will… Read more One of a kind notebooks
Cthulhu votive candles (from £4) - These small, plain, unscented, votive candles come in individual glass holders and are decorated with black lace ribbon and 4… Read more Cthulhu votive candles (from £4)
Antique, cast iron keys - This beautiful set of old, cast-iron keys would look great as an item of home décor but because of the… Read more Antique, cast iron keys
Framed tarantula spider - A beautiful example of a tarantula (Eurypeima spinicrus) spider mounted in a wooden display case. The case measures approximately 6… Read more Framed tarantula spider
Scorpion paperweight / desk ornament - This perfect specimen of a scorpion is set into an amber resin sphere with a small stand and would make… Read more Scorpion paperweight / desk ornament
A pair of bone & horn fertility figures - A set of male and female fertility figures, hand carved from water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) bone. Each figure is around 18cm… Read more A pair of bone & horn fertility figures
Framed stag beetle Framed stag beetles - When it comes to beetles, the Stag is the UKs largest and sadly their numbers are in decline due to… Read more Framed stag beetles
Haunted house portrait Haunted house portraits - 6 different designs available. Add an extra touch of spookiness to your Halloween party (or do what I do and… Read more Haunted house portraits