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Ouija planchette pendant necklace - This eye-catching pendant necklace features a stainless-steel backing with a wood-effect resin planchette and the 60cm Figaro chain ensures that… Read more Ouija planchette pendant necklace
Twin Peaks metal pin badges - The owls are not what they seem – but these metal pins certainly are; show the world your Twin Peaks… Read more Twin Peaks metal pin badges
Hermione Granger’s time-turner necklace - This Harry Potter inspired replica necklace comes in a unique presentation box with display card and a letter sent from… Read more Hermione Granger’s time-turner necklace
Black studded leather choker with coffin gift box - This stylish, gothic choker is made from PU leather and features a chrome bondage ring and four studs. It comes… Read more Black studded leather choker with coffin gift box
Deer antler keyrings Deer antler keyrings - Made with hand-picked, naturally shed (cruelty free), genuine antler tips and a Tibetan silver deer charm. Complete with a split-ring… Read more Deer antler keyrings
Bronze domed tooth pendant - This bronze and glass dome pendant is the latest thing to be added to the Morbitorium store. It contains two… Read more Bronze domed tooth pendant
Rockabilly eyeball hair-bows - I’ve just added these stylish hair-bows to the Morbitorium Etsy Store. They’re so good that you’ll be guaranteed to catch… Read more Rockabilly eyeball hair-bows
Resident Evil T-Virus pendants (Sold out) - Now available in the original T-Virus and new Anti-Virus strains you will have the power to infect or cure at… Read more Resident Evil T-Virus pendants (Sold out)