We like to think of the Morbitorium as a “one stop shop” for your oddity requirements. If you’re into taxidermy, the occult, wet specimens or just unique pieces of jewellery we have something for you.

The Morbitorium initially started out as my own private collection of oddities and taxidermy. From humble beginnings as a single shelf in the living room it gradually got larger and larger until it took over the whole house and I found myself having to sell some pieces in order to fit more in.

Nowadays I still collect and have a large collection at home but I also create oddities to help others along the way


Wilderness Gathering 2014
Wilderness Gathering 2014

If you’d like to learn the art of taxidermy then we provide one-day beginners courses that take you through the entire process and will get you started on this fascinating hobby. Click here to find out more.

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